Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Right On

I really need to get some more work done, but I've been in this strange realm where I am not finishing much. I guess I'm doing better than I'm letting on, but I wish that I had more done anyway. I did pull off a painting in roughly a half hour today though. Talk about old school.

This one is almost done, but I am just not with it enough to render tiny birdies. I think I need some groceries so that I can eat something real. It will help my awesome rendering energy. Starting to wan, you know.

Here is my half hour painting. I love this robot, and there is no intent whatsoever, so I guess I won't go showing it off in crit at MECA. It would be good to develop an intent for these guys you know. Just safer when it comes down to it.

I love this painting though. And Jeane told me to keep painting cartoon work and painting based on old literature today. It was odd to hear the other half of the coin after this entire summer of crazy content.

Anyhow, I don't know where this is all going. I'm happy with these two pieces though. Hope you like them. Have a good one.


PS I get a new cat tomorrow!!!!!


Margaret said...

I adore your robot paintings.

Do you ever do commissions?


R.N.T.S.M. said...

I do Margaret. Drop me a line at and we will work something out.

I also have a free drawing give away this week on my Lewis Acrylics Facebook page, if you are interested in that.