Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"The Feeder"

Yesterday I took a day off. I went Christmas shopping, I sent out paintings and Christmas cards, and I watched the Islanders get their butts whooped, but I didn't cook at the Pizza and I didn't paint or draw. It was a good day off. Hockey night is the best.

This morning I got a slow start, didn't sleep well or something, but I got up, had my coffee with Beth and moved over to the studio area as she was out the door. I had drawn a hand out the other day, that I liked, and with a sketch that I had done of a robot holding a birdhouse before, I started to work out a funky robot holding a bird feeder. The idea was to have birds flying about the feeder, but ideas like that are really starting to bore me a little bit, so I drew him holding a sack of seed, and well, you'll get the idea.....

I am quite pleased with this robot and bird combo. I am starting to hit my stride a little more on the Blue Bottle show. Thats good. Maybe I will actually have the show done early enough to actually frame everything well this time. ( Have to, actually) Still the less stress the better.

I'll be posting again very soon. I have a couple under paintings that are almost to a level that you can tell what is going on, and when they have reached that point you will see them. Til then....so long.

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e. said...

this sketch blew my mind... can't wait to see the painting!! nice!