Friday, December 5, 2008

Eye and the Universe?

Today I started to work on a piece for another Hive Gallery group show. From the original perusal of the show details, I had determined that the works were supposed to resemble some kind of drug induced feeling, but at the same time a book, "Be here now" was emphasized. Upon a little more research I found that the "Be Here Now" book was actually a guide to figuring out ones own way of enlightenment and benefiting the world. To some, I figure this could involve some drug-induced phenomenon, but perhaps not for everyone.

With the new thoughts of enlightenment in my head, I returned to a sketch that I had originally done for a book with Ivy. The sketch depicted a woman with a solar system within her chest cavity. It was kind of a reflection on the String Theory, everything infinitely big is also infinitely small principle.

I changed the character to male, because the author of the book was male, and I wanted a more haggard persona anyway, Here tis:

What do you think? This is really only the second painting of a person that I've even put up on the blog this year. Speaking of which, I wonder if that is some Freudian way of saying I have trouble with society? Something I'll definitely be looking into. I'll keep you posted.

On a completely different note, my lovely lady friend is a severe thriftstoreaholic and today she brought home a terrific find. It is now in our bathroom, and it makes me very happy. I leave you with the three innocent criminals.....

Still trying to figure out why they are all wearing pjs when it looks like they are supposed to take a bath. Must be a PC thing........


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