Saturday, February 9, 2013

The North Easter Means.

The North Easter means that I have a day off from teaching and only have to work a four hour shift at the deli.  This means that I have time to work on my new series which I have been getting really into over the past week.  I have been focusing on machines and hadn't added too much to that original idea until today when I determined that I was going to use one of my old drop drawings to start a machine piece with.  I think that this is a good direction.  I also enjoy the idea of re-using my present work, making it better by adding to it and subtracting from it.  As my ideas merge I think that they all grow stronger.  The connections, bonds and language that I am using becomes a more cohesive entity which can communicate to a wider audience.  The paint start to act as a medium to converse with the drawing and the drawing likewise to the paint.  As I am working back and forth with color, black and white line, and subject matter I start to lose a little of the hesitance that I create when I really like the way that a drawing or painting looks.  The cohesion makes for a better show, and stronger individual pieces as well.

Check out the line up that I laid out today.

I am very pleased especially with that middle segment.  Those were the leaps that I made today.  I will have to work into some of the others a bit more now that I am on a slightly newer track.  Hope you are fairing the storm well.


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