Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's About Time For an Expedition

The snow finally came this winter.  Lord knows how long it will be with us, but all around ten there 6 to 7 foot snow drifts looming over you.  People have shoveled small pathways along the sidewalk.  For the past two days as you walk around time all that you can hear is the laughter or people walking through or playing in the snow and the rumble of plow machines and front end loaders clearing up roads and driveways.  Yesterday I was even able to snow shoe on top of huge snow drifts overlooking Congress Street and from Park Street to Clark to go see a friend.  Once home the last two nights I took to painting at a healthy clip.  It is beautiful to be inside looking out the window at the world raging,  I put on a healthy mix of This Will Destroy You and set to painting more in the Musical Machines series.  Yesterday I shared an image of what the work looked like before I left for work at the deli.

Here is a more detailed shot of the larger blue panel in the middle.  I was really pleased with it.  This specifically was the piece that made some connections that I had been reaching for for quite some time.

Last night when I returned from work, I called my friend Ivy and set to painting two more panels before bed.  Life has been like that for the past couple weeks.  I have just wanted to paint in all of these moments.

I was really pleased with the color in both of these.  Some of the work is starting to fit very nicely with other small panels.  Some are a bit more discordant right now, but with the musical them to these mechanical bits, I am pleased for those connections at times as well.  I hope to be able to fill an entire space 1 foot high around the wall of an entire gallery.  All of the pieces will be grouped in one long "work."

Today, however, I will not be able to work on more paintings.  I must instead go start a trek with a colleague which is based on an idea we dreamed while staying up late on Thursday night chatting.  We are planning on making a Lewis and Clark style exploration, an exploration that is certainly unneeded at this time, and that is the point.  I'll share more details later when the whole thing has come to fruition. 


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