Sunday, August 26, 2012

Walking through Molasses is Hard

I started a part time job to help make ends meet a little; so that I could actually spend more time on pieces that I want to work on and be less dependent on some illustration work which doesn't do anything for me.  Essentially, I want to be able to say no to some projects, which you can't do if you are struggling to get by.  The job is plenty okay.  It's just in a restaurant, but it's busy, so the times goes quickly.  I am good at it.  Folks seem impressed that I can do a Saturday night already, however, I think I've been cooking longer than almost all of the people that do work there.

What this does for me is create some time for a couple new projects that I am really excited for.  I began working on a series of power line paintings the other day.  Power lines are fascinating me not only for the shapes that they make against the sky, but also because of their name, which sounds like a very literal joke to me.  Someone has power and is delivering your allotment of said power to you.  I am especially interested in the power lines in the country though, as it seems to be the only thing connecting one property to the next.  Somehow I think this is going to work in with my large scale tractor drawing.  Here are the first two.

I like the pink piece a whole bunch.  This may be because it is pink.  I don't know.  Everyone seems to know what I like before I do.  My roommate actually told me that my favorite color to work with was pink.  I couldn't deny it, but I had never really thought about it.  I wonder why?  Any ideas?

Hope you are all having a pleasant Sunday.  I'll get back to you with some more work later this week.  Also if you are in the Laconia area of New Hampshire on Saturday night, you should make some time to stop by the Studio for my closing event featuring Grandmaster Chef Beers and the Furious Seven Course dinner.

Catch you soon.

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Rachel said...

I love both of these paintings Mike! Keep it up. :)