Friday, August 17, 2012

T-shirts & Tractors

I am very pleased to be working on Bard Coffee's new t-shirts.  Yesterday I emailed the owner of the shop with my revised design and he loved it.  This is going to be great.  I am very excited to both help out my favorite coffee shop in town and to see my work on t-shirts.  So so cool.  Here is an image of the proposed design.

Also coming up on the horizon is a proposal for a project in one of the major spaces here in Portland.  I am really looking for an excuse to do a gigantic cross hatched drawing and for some reason I cannot get the idea of doing a life sized tractor as this potential image.  The process is about using up time and space, mimicking the farmer's market in bringing the rural inside the urban.  It reminds me of home and makes me question the concepts of organic farming and natural food stores.
So here we go, more projects, more ideas, ever trying to move forward.  I feel like a small caricature of our economy.  Keep up.  It's going to get better.


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It informs me of home and makes me query the principles of organic gardening and organic food shops.