Thursday, August 30, 2012

It Was a Great Day

It was a day of discovery, work, and errands.  Today I found one of the books that I lost when I moved from Minneapolis to New Hampshire.  I was so pleased that when I got home I looked up another one of those books on Amazon and purchased a used copy.  As I was purchasing this second book, I received a call to work on a t-shirt project.  The company seems legit, though I the art direction seemed relatively limiting.  It's still a cool project though, so I will happily work on it. 

I also finished a sketch of the Crest that the Fish and Splits bowling team is looking to use for their league this season.  I am very pleased with it, although it hasn't been tightened up yet.  I also completed another square foot of the large scale painting.  It's taking forever, but coming out great.  I may need to get another brush, though.  I am terrible on them.

Here is the bowling logo.  I would share other images tonight, but everything is in process and I didn't take any good images while the light was right.  I will have to wait until tomorrow.  Hopefully I finish more of those two projects before I post anyway.

The end of the evening was taken up by a Built to Spill show.  It was great.  What I took from the show was more than a love for a band's music live, but rather an idea of what it is to become an aging artist.  Doug looked so plainly calm on stage, completely immersed in his work, but aware at all times of what he was doing.  There was a poise within him that struck me.  I hope that I can approach my work with that level of professionalism and confidence one of these days  I also hope that growing old will not hinder my ability to rock out.  I guess we'll all see.


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