Friday, June 1, 2012

Badgers, Birds, and Telephone Wires

It has been a busy week.  I spent Monday and Tuesday helping friends move into their new homes and Wednesday through today trying to catch up.  Wednesday night I put together several drawings and yesterday I put together a couple colored drawings and lined up a commission.  I also worked on The Cloud Constructors pieces a bit more.  I should have those done by next weekend.

Last night I was exhausted from working all day and peeved to be alone so I went to bed early.  I was not thinking that I would wake up at 4 am, but I did.  I got up and started to work on a couple more images like the ones in the Vertical Series.  I need to start thinking like that again anyway as my Mural in North Adams is to be created in that fashion.  I pulled together a pretty good piece this morning which I had started the drawing on ages ago and one featuring a Bulldog that I have been working with recently.  He is going to show up in a new comic idea that I have been kicking around with a friend of mine.  It has been really busy.  I think I might go play for a bit later this afternoon and then hit the hay early again.

These first five images are available over on my Etsy page.  They are all bagged in a Transparent archival bag and 4 3/4" by 6".  The most expensive is 30 bucks.  You can see those here.  Free shipping and an extra little something with each package.

Here are the two that I did this morning.  One is still available but the bird piece has already sold.  Absolutely awesome if you ask me.

I am really happy with both of these pieces, though the first is probably my favorite piece of late.  I love those two colors next to one another and I have been wanting to draw a good telephone pole and booth combination for some time.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend.  Thanks for reading.

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