Sunday, June 13, 2010

Treading Pigment

I am officially chest deep in acrylic paint at this point. I feel so busy, though most of my work has been placed upon my shoulders by me. This coming Friday marks the commencement of a new stage of my life, and I am not certain that I feel completely prepared for it. This fall marks a continuation and perhaps a culmination of everything that I have been doing for 7 years. I speak of course of graduate school and of my solo show at Blue Bottle.

I know that I am supposed to learn in graduate school and that there is no need to "be" a complete product when I show up, but I do, however, want to be in a proper state of mind, ready to learn, ready to paint at warp speed, so I have been practicing and reading and trying to expand my mind. The next 2 years will be the most rigorous of my life thus far. I am certain of that. My natural inclination is to take this sort of atmosphere and focus on it, and convince myself that I am behind and then focus on it more. I know this, this is who I am, and I am so looking forward to this.

In preparation of some new concepts that I have going on, I taken the train concept a little further. In sketchbooks it has gone still further and more paintings and perhaps combine paintings will be coming to fruition shortly. Here, however, is the beginning:

Admittedly this is not the greatest photo, but you get the general idea. It is all based off of the cover illustration that I did for OVS magazine, which by the way should be available for purchase from very soon.

The second piece that I have for folks today is another from the series for "Wings of Fury". This show is really turning into a marathon for me. I'm trying to finish as many small and relevant pieces as possible and it is making me focus more on the elements of art and production value than I have in the past.

On a personal note. The reason I call the solo show at Blue Bottle a culmination of the last 7 years is because, when I started this, 7 years ago, I was submitting work on consignment to Blue Bottle and wanted very badly to have a show there. I felt that if I did have a show there that that would mean I was finally successful. Well, I guess this September under those beliefs, I will be successful. But as one race is finished the next starting line is waiting right around the corner.

It has been a long crazy ride. I am sure it will continue to be so. Here's hoping that it remains interesting for all of you to stay on the train.


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Bill said...

I like your work! I wish I had the ability to draw/paint. When I stumbled upon your blog, your artwork reminded me a little bit what's found on Kid Koala's albums. He's a DJ on Ninja Tune Records.