Monday, June 7, 2010

Staying the Course

It has been busy in Lewis Acrylics land. Very busy, and it is time to catch folks up just a little bit. First off, the Goonies Reunion show in Astoria at Lunar Boy Gallery was an incredible success. I sold both pieces that I had hanging in the show. That's better sales than I sometimes manage in a solo show. There are still some great pieces available in the show though, so be sure to check out some of the other Artist's work here.

Second. Paying for school is crazy beans. I've had trouble convincing the loan company that I live where I say I live. I thought that this was because of my PO Box, but now realize that originally I had started looking at MECA while living at my old place in Ashland a little over a year ago. MECA still had what seems like an address from months ago and were in turn sending the wrong address to JP Chase. It goes without saying that that wasn't going to work, but now everything is fine and in a mere 2 weeks I will begin attending classes at MECA. Woot!

Third. I have 2 weeks until school, which leaves me a very limited time period to finish my show for this September, but I have been putting in a grueling effort and think that I will manage just fine. Last night I pulled together 3 small pieces. I've decided to keep most of the paintings in this show very small and to do a lot of them on paper in random thrift store frames. Barry McGee style. If you don't know Barry McGee, check him out on PBS's Art 21 site. He's amazing.

Anywho, here is the first piece.

This is Rita, who I painted in a more transparent acrylic manner. It's kind of nice for a little change, and gives me a chance to do some ink work, which I haven't worked on since the first time I was in college.

I call this one, "Here to Save the Day". I'm having a bit more fun with the actual paintings of the Mighty Lark now. If you're interested at all in the Mighty Lark too, there is a comic that is going along with this show in September. Page 2 will be going up tomorrow.

This is Albie, Rita's hubby. I'm really enjoying trying to carry my characters a little further here. Albie is a carpet bagger, hence the derby and the carpet bag.

There is more to come soon. Stop back often.

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Claire said...

I love them all, but Rita is my favourite :D Good luck with everything!