Friday, April 9, 2010

The Next Stages of Plumbing

The Plumbing series continued this morning. My walk through the woods on Monday completely changed my position on where I thought roots and trunks belonged. There were so many trees with strange shapes bursting out of the ground. So I've been working at dropping the plane which the trees are coming out of.

Check it out.

I am really digging the color in this piece. I think that this will most likely come back to earth tones, but the greens are providing something good to do some scumbling over.

Second I've started thinking about the different ways to make these pieces more 3-d with the capability of more interaction with the viewer. Here is one of my first attempts.

Basically just a cube, but I'm thinking that I may put the different layers on a swivel so you can line up different shapes of tree piping by turning each piece, sort of like the kids books with three different panels making up a face.

still working. stop back later and see what comes up next.
til then

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