Thursday, April 8, 2010

The New Mighty Lark Mini Comic

It has been quite a while since I've worked with the Mighty Lark. Shockingly people have noticed that he disappeared. For those who were concerned that they might never see the little bird scrapping with robots again, your concerns can now be alleviated. This morning I roughed out the first full mini comic featuring ML and a bunch of power line eating robots.

The drawings were coming to me easily in the sketch stage, which gives me great hope for the upcoming final drawings. I've also figured out that I will be posting this comic in installments on the Mighty Lark blogspot too. I'm going to give it a couple weeks until I have the first few pages and then begin posting on Wednesdays every week until the Mighty Lark show in September at the Blue Bottle in Seattle. At that show, I will be selling physical copies of the minis.

Here's a couple of drawings so you can get the flavor of what's coming up:

One of the beginning scenes here showing Mighty and a carpet-bagger pigeon. Think the pigeons name is Lenny. I really want the bird interactions in this comic to be reminiscent of the characters in a Damon Runyon short story. Those of you who don't know Damon Runyon. Guys and Dolls was based on the characters and short stories created by Runyon. The books are way better.

I'm really excited about creating this book with a more horizontal format so I can get some big sweeping images in. I think it will really help convey some tension in the book without getting people too on edge. It is just birds and robots after all. We're not talking about going hunting with Dick Cheney.

And here we have ML's ode to MJ.

I love it, so pleased to be able to use this in the book. Hope you like the sketches. I'm looking forward to putting together the final and sharing it with you. That will be over on

Until next time.

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