Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The First 2 Successful (?) Prints.

So here we have it. This past week I constructed a printing press with my fiance's father. It is a high quality piece of machinery involving three pieces of 16 X 24 inch plywood, two long 2 X 4's cut up, a piece of maple for a cross piece and a 2 ton car jack. The press, miraculously, is a success. I, I am finding out, am a novice at the art of printmaking. That said, this whole process, has been completely and utterly awesome.

I have been etching into plexi glass plates and making small, 5 X 7 inch, prints. At first the paper was too wet, and I was losing the image to smudging and then I have been etching too hard and making some super huge grooves that are not printing well, but the one spot in the following prints gives me great hope, because it is exactly what I am looking for.

Check out the two semi-successful prints that I made this afternoon:

The print to the left was the first print. I liked how the line came out, but I was looking for a bit more atmospheric shading. So I added a little cross hatch in the second and found that the light cross hatches actually came out clearer than any other aspect of the print. And so, I think I have finally figured out how to obtain the quality in the prints that I am looking for. We will both see tomorrow when I post the results of my findings.

Today, I also took my street scene painting that I have been working on to a new level. It is nearly complete, and very successful thus far. I am extremely pleased with the result. The aim is to finish it by tomorrow so that I can take it to see its buyer.

This may be the first piece that I have ever put together with five people in it. And remarkably, I cam coming to enjoy all five of the figures. And to anyone who is upset that this piece is already spoken for, I would be glad to take a commission on another similar piece, because this has been an immensely interesting and enjoyable project.

Well, that's all I've got for today. I will try to make it back tomorrow with the finish of this street scene and with a higher quality print.

Until next time.

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