Friday, January 22, 2010

Smoke - A Study There-in

I have been doing a lot of work focusing on smoke lately. It is the first experiment in bring the old to work with the new. I have also wanted to do a bit more figurative work. Both of these things are in full swing.

I am quite pleased with this sketch as I am thinking more about smoke and line as smoke as a compositional element. The figure is slowly working its way into a series of old men smoking and walking. Kind of a peaceful moment.

I've also tried to work in some more of the static bubble over the top of the sketchiness. I'm kind of trying to play with catching a solitary moment. It really is impossible when you think about it to have just the present.

Here is the first one in the series that I have been reworking while thinking about the catching a moment concept. The shapes are taking on kind of a Fernand Leger feel. I love it. Now just to work on some color contrast.

The latest in the constructor series.

And finally a quickie that I am working up for the True Brew series. Just some old concepts with better compositions to be painted and sold cheap. Funding my rent for February you know?

until then


Julia Cocuzza said...

really dig the smoker, first sketch in particular :)

yEllowCandy said...

i love your paintings. what medium do you usually use?.

R.N.T.S.M. said...

I use acrylic paints, sometimes ebony pencil or colored pencil, every once in a while ink.

Anonymous said...

Old man with the umbrella.. nicely done.