Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Constructors - Phase Two

I have been experimenting with my line. I am trying to give an older topic a bit more punch, learn something, and meld good painting with good drawing. I am trying to think of these pieces more in an overall aspect than I have in the past few years. In essence, I am trying to remember what they taught to us in school, as I have been busy unlearning for a while.

I need to work a few new methods into some of these drawings. I like the energy, but it would be nice to keep the pencil or ink line in to the very end. Recently John Casey did a step by step on ML4U, which described his process which includes a permanent spray coat. I've tried some things like that in the past with little luck, but he seems to do well with this Krylon, so I'm going to give it a shot. Perhaps in the past it may have just been user error. I did not let things sit as long as they probably needed to at times.

I am always trying to work everything very quickly and sometimes it ends up impeding my progress, but then, this is all just a journey anyway. Anywho, here are the pieces that I've been working on:

This is actually an extension of the logger pieces that I've been working on. It is of course a log skidder for those of you who did not grow up near the woods. The smoke is more of a blanket in this piece and I am really feeling that right now. It also allows for some subtleties in the line within the mass. I think that may speak a bit more the oppressiveness that I am trying to get at with the piece. Either way I am pretty happy with the drawing on this one. I'm going to try to spray it and set it aside until it is really dry and then work into it. I'm currently reminding myself to be patient here.

This is the first piece of this nature that I've been working on. The line didn't appear until Beth looked at it and said, "Weren't you trying to make this a bit more raw". Sometimes is good to get a kick in the butt here and there don't you think?

I'll keep you updated on the progress of these two and a couple more in the near future, I anticipate. Also, there are more loggers coming up soon too. I need to work on the composition of those drawings before I get too into the pieces though.

Ya'll come back now y'hear?

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