Friday, August 21, 2009

New Paintings and a New Project

The past couple days have been very productive. I have stopped looking for a job in Minneapolis as there is only about three more weeks to my stay here anyway. Were I to take a job I would just have to leave shortly anyway. So I have decided to devote my whole time to my show for Artstream studios, art projects for me, and my newest venture, a web comic.

I have wanted to do a web comic for a long time. Actually I have wanted to do a comic for a long time to begin with. I remember trying to put one together for my high school paper, but I never thought that I was funny enough. Now I am not sure how funny I necessarily am, but I realize a lot of the problem that I had was actually the drawing and not being able to carry a character from panel to panel. I've decided to tackle that and to try to tackle it on a daily basis at that. So far I have done the Mighty Lark Web Comic three days in a row. Hopefully there will be one tomorrow too.

Yesterday I also finished two paintings and started two more. It has been incredibly productive vibes going on here in the Lewis Acrylics studio.

I had actually started this painting before I moved but it still had quite a ways to go. I think I will be sending it out to the Blue Bottle in Seattle. We'll see if they are interested. They generally seem to be my center for Mighty Lark sales.

The next piece I finished was just a small one for my Etsy store.

It's tiny. Only 2.5" square, but if you are interested in some small owl art for your home and you want to help out a guy who is supporting his move all over the country then stop over to the Etsy shop and grab it while you can.

It looks like I am going to have some more stuff to post tomorrow too. So keep posted. And please let me know what you think of the web comic. I am really trying to expand my drawing ability with that.

Everybody have and awesome friday. I'll be back soon.

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