Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birdie Family Portraits

Susan Schwake asked me to put together some small bird portraits as a sort of preview into my show "Dwellings" at Art Stream studios in October. I think that they came out pretty well. The show itself is coming along. I am still very into the hand drawn type, but I need to get more of my ideas out and on boards so I can paint different pieces simultaneously. I always do better with a multitude of canvases in front of me.

I have also been working pretty steadily on the Mighty Lark Web Comic. That is a very exciting project for me because I have always been into comics, and wanted to draw comics but have never had the confidence in my drawing to actually make a comic. But thanks to Big Illustration Party Time and Art & Story Podcasts, I have started to relax a little and just have some fun, and the work is not really disappointing me in the least. I think maybe I just needed to take the plunge and then everything comes together.

I have been talking with Mike McGee about maybe doing some writing for it, or maybe some other funny writer. I can make the Mighty Lark look like he is doing pretty much anything but I am a little less confident about the story that I have brewing in my head. Though maybe that is the same type of thing. Maybe I just need to jump in and it will be ok too.

At least I have a plot planned out. I will be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting tomorrow night. I was doing a daily comic, but I found that a.) it was all of the work that I was able to get done in a day sometimes, and b.) I was not able to put the amount of time into the drawings that I wanted to put into it.

I would like for the writing to eventually be along a Calvin and Hobbes sort of level. I.E. One big adventure comic, followed by some three panel gag strips.

I have also been given a complete profile at Hire an Illustrator. I am trying to make something of an illustration career now, since I have pretty much avoided my degree for the past six years. I am excited about this opportunity because I can see what it is like to be represented and hopefully I can get some cool Illustration gigs out of it.

Well, I should stop blabbing and get some work done on my show now, but it's been a while, and I had news. Life is good. I'll be back soon.


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