Monday, August 17, 2009

I Live in a Shanty

My show at ArtStream Studios is really starting to come together. Funny. All I really had to do was start working on it and it really all came together. I am becoming obsessed with typography in my projects. I think I always had this tendency but now my typography is becoming A.) more legible, and B.) more creative.

I am trying to make type out of all different kinds of things. This piece is obviously not done, but I think will be done this evening. It has gone incredibly fast. Fast like when I was in my senior year of college and didn't have to do a thing in the world but paint fast.

There is more to come. And I haven't figured out every angle of "Dwelling" that I want to touch on and pursue, but since I've started coming up with these pieces that has felt a lot more refreshing and less entrapping than it did before.

The past couple weeks I have also been trying to work out a logo project for a company here in Minneapolis. It is going slow. Sometimes I think to myself that they would be better off finding a graphic designer, but I feel like I should be able to wrap my head around this project and get it to a good point as well.

Here are two of the sketches that I came up with today. They are not perfect but they are at least starting to steer away from what I was told and more down the path of fitting a project into my head. I mean to say that, when a person asks for a design, they will tell you what they like and what they expect. As a designer or illustrator it is your job to give them that, but also to take what they say and spin it on its head so that you come up with something new and cool. I hadn't started thinking like that until very recently so hopefully I have some better ideas on the horizon..

I've got a lot of work to do. It's time to get back at it. I will keep you all posted on what is going on though.

til then.


Justin said...

So do you make all your own stuff then? Is this handmade or...?


Justin Davis
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Mike Lewis said...

Yup, everything I make is handmade, except for the posters a couple posts which I painted with my computer but drew all by hand. And yup again, it's all my stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!