Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Projects in the Mix

My world has become so full.  I am doing more design work and illustration than I've ever had before.  I have had at least three shows and a couple extra projects each year to work on and I now have a family to take care of and a son to raise.  I'm finally starting to feel okay with it.  This is it.  I'm living now.  Whatever that now is, I've got to live it.

I've been working on a watercolor of a bug every day this year.  Until about a week ago they were straight forward watercolors.  I've never used watercolor very much.  It was too unforgiving and I used a heavy hand.  I really just didn't have the patience.  Enter toddler.  I suddenly have so much more patience than I ever thought myself capable.  The watercolors have advanced though, and I knew that sooner or later I would find myself adding myself back into the project.  This past week I started adding some geometric elements into the pieces.  I really like them.  Here are a few of the best ones.

I have also started another small side project.  I've always collected a number of sketchbooks.  One of my favorit types is called Dept. de Poche.  I have a small square book that I've started making simple graphics of whatever imagery I'm into on a daily basis.  I've started thinking of them as Squares of Vitality.  I hope to fill the whole book with foundation pieces of my vitality.  Here's one of Mingus and some lettuce that is growing in my garden.

I hope this blogpost finds you well.  I'm wrestling with myself to get back into this space.  It used to be so good for me and I think that now more than ever it could be that outlet that I am not finding in other ways.


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