Sunday, May 12, 2013

Visits, Applications, Days Off and Returning Mental Faculties

Today I woke up with a tremendous sense of peace about me.  Yesterday left my wallet considerably lighter and my soul significantly more full.  My friend Monkey Chow drove up from Boston to spend a day of adult beverage consumption and brainstorming with me.  Many stickers were left about town, many drawings were left for servers and bartenders, and there were a lot of very quickly written notes jotted in my sketchbook.  We visited the opening for the SMCC faculty show which I was a part of, even if the presence of my work amongst the rest of the work did seem peculiar.  Alas, my prices were a fraction of the prices on the other work in the gallery.  Perhaps this is one of those moments where I should consider selling my work at a larger profit margin so that people take me more seriously?  I will not be doing that, however.

Aaron and I managed to find a little amusement at the show, despite my social awkwardness.

Today, I was left with the task of applying for the Real Art Ways Step Up program.  I had finished all of the work for my application by the middle of last week, but hadn't finished my image list or the edits to my CV.  I passed up on a fishing trip so that I could finish that in time.  I am usually absolutely terrible at applying to the larger shows.  I don't usually feel much hope for juries selecting my work, but this application was better suited to my own interests than some of the work proposals that I attempt to pass off as compelling.  If you are attempting to sound smart compelling thoughts are really only useful for attempting to be compelling thoughts.

This proposal was better.  I am excited to see if it makes a difference, but also more importantly I realize that I am going to do this piece one way or the other.  It really doesn't matter if the proposal is accepted or not.  That kind of feeling is the best kind of feeling.  This is some of the same confidence that makes me wake up on a Sunday more at peace with myself and the way that things in life are going.  I am excited to be making better decisions for my artwork and for myself.

Above are the completed secret plans.  I rather love these drawings and can't wait to see what Reed Altemus does with the work.  Collaborations are good for the soul as well.

I am also extremely excited to be updating my CV and placing small exhibitions in Portugal and Ireland in Group Shows.  I am an international artist now.  Ahem.  I am an internationally exhibiting artist now.  That was one of those goals that I had that when I finally achieved it I didn't really notice.  So, let it be known, that I just noticed.  Here is an image that Letters to Portugal shared on their Facebook page.  My piece has drops on it.

I'm looking forward to moving forward with some of these projects.  More images and comments, random notions and information to come later.  Have a good Sunday.


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