Friday, May 3, 2013

Listening to Wu and Working on a Friday

Today was a good day.  I made myself a list with 19 things on it and finished about 9.  That's not bad.  I never put small things on my lists.  Today I wanted to post a couple things to Society 6 so that I could have more iphone cases and prints for sale.  There are several new things up.  I am very excited by the idea of seeing my work on the back of someone's telephone.  That would be incredible.  You can access my Society 6 site here.

I also started another series of mechanisms that is my brain today while listening to the GZA.  GZA spits in such an intelligent way that I can't help but think of new ideas while listening to him.  The piece that I started working with today was all about pulleys and gears which interact with tape cassettes.  Check it out.

Last but not least, I received the confirmation that I am able to show 4 pieces in the SMCC faculty show which will be held at Rose Contemporary Gallery in downtown Portland.  Normally I would wait until the day that I am supposed to drop off pieces but today I prepped my pieces for hanging in advance.  All I need to do is deliver the pieces on Sunday morning.  Woot.

Life is pretty good.  The sun is helping my productivity.  I hope it is doing you some good too.

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