Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ups & Downs; Everything in Between

It pains me to say that I will not be making a mural in North Adams, MA.  Contracts didn't match proposals and I just can't afford a residency situation currently.  Perhaps someday I will be able to work under those circumstances, but for now, paying my bills and feeding myself seem more important than being able to have an extended stay to make a piece of artwork.  However, like so many other things, when you lose one opportunity you gain another.  Within moments of cancelling the mural I received an email from Diana Matoso from DS Way Community in England.  She's producing a community through artwork and crafts made from our re-used refuse.  Her site shares ways in which we can re-use materials which are commonly thrown out.   We have been talking about doing some collaboration, which would be amazing.  I can't wait to get my work overseas a bit.

I was also offered the opportunity to make a different mural in the city of Laconia, NH next summer.  I just had a meeting this morning with the owner of Bard Coffee in Portland and we are moving forward with the t-shirt designs that I had been putting together.  It is going to be great to see my work on t-shirts around town. 

I'm also putting together a few small pieces this week to hang in that same coffee shop.  It's going to have to be one of those quick groups of pieces as time keeps escaping me.  Today I believe that I am finishing up the last project for Eco Kids that I will have for a while.  I've been working on a set of stickers.  I only have one left to finish.  Here is a small sample of the 26 that I have put together.

The large scale commission that I have been working on is also coming out well.  It is a slow process cross hatching work that is the size of an entire wall.  I wonder how Robert Motherwell's work would have looked if he had cross hatched it instead.  Perhaps that would be an interesting project to attempt.  Re-creating someone's work that was so dependent on blacks in a manner where blacks are so time intensive to develop.  Here is a sample of that piece.

Last but not least for today, I have been working on a new piece for a fellow who I made one commission for earlier this year.  The second piece is quite different and really seems like a blast from the past in painting style as well.  I think that I am leaning more towards working like this in the near future.  I may be mixing some of the characters in and working those out the same way.

There's a lot of good going on here.  I'm really grateful to be able to turn down a project that I thought was going to be amazing and still have work to do.  This is turning into a great ride.  Thanks for coming along.


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