Friday, July 27, 2012

Iconic Images

Last night while playing cards with my friend Ed, I realized that I needed to do some work to accompany the totem pieces that were a bit larger.  It really doesn't make a difference if you make 12 pieces and they are all tiny.  They will still not fill a whole wall.  It also occurred to me that each of the totems reads as a character by itself, not so much a group of characters telling its story.  Rather the story is the character.  I wanted to call more attention to a couple of the characters so I decided to pull one out from each totem and create a more iconic image of each of these stories. 

Here are two that I started putting together today.

I like how grouping these two sets of images starts a dialogue between two different methods of telling religious stories.  The Christian Bible is full of tales that pictorially are represented with iconic images of Christ.  Whereas it seems that multiple icons in other religions are used to depict stories.  They seem to stand as a whole.  I'm not incredibly sure, but I realize now that I want to start researching these methods of display a little bit more.  This project seems like a good place to start.

Hope you dig.

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