Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quick and Slick

I am a momentum guy.  If I have a lot of momentum and things are going well; people are asking for more stuff, few revisions, lots of different ideas, then I work so much better.  I get more done and I am happier with myself and the work that I am producing.  The ridiculous thing is that I nearly always get stuck on the big projects.  Work that is time intensive or that requires a lot of sketches and meetings makes me lose momentum.  When I lose momentum I start to question why I am doing any work to begin with.  I really need to start working out a schedule that leaves time for the open and more spontaneous works.  It is the only way that I will ever be able to remain stable.  I need balance and a secretary.  Does anyone want to be my secretary?  I'll pay you in.....something awesome.

Anyway, I put together two totem pieces today in preparation for my little show at Bard Coffee coming this weekend.  By finishing up these two guys, I am now stoked to wake up tomorrow too.  See how simple a creature I am.  Life is rad.  Here be:

 I also love working on longer rectangles and warped pieces.  It was good to end my day this way.  Much love peeps.


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