Friday, May 18, 2012

Re-Organizing & Working Hard

I am now a professional artist.  Admittedly, I took myself seriously long before I ever made that statement, but currently I am making the money that live off from via art.  Crazy.  I never really thought this day would come, but it is here and I am excited, and eager to keep up the good luck.

This week I rearranged my studio.  Not too much has really changed from graduate school to post graduation and so I sensed that I needed to make a symbolic change.  The studio was hurting from neglect and disarray and to top it all off, I hadn't even finished unpacking from 2 years ago when I originally moved in.  Now the space is looking more open, more utilitarian, and like an actual studio.  I even have room for a cozy studio chair, so if you see one out there, please keep me in mind.

 Check out all of those sketch books.  I have over 40 of them.  Some of the stuff is killer.  Some of the stuff is just plain awful, but I can tell how I was feeling in a heartbeat.  I can also tell you where I was when I drew certain things, what the situation was that a girl let me draw her, or what painting that sketch led to, even if the book is 10 years old.  I guess I've been pretty focused on art for a little bit here.  The next go around it is all macrame.

I also managed to put together the logo for Speakeasy Dining, which is a collaboration that I am working up with my former employer and fine supporter of the arts, Chef Beers.  Yes that is his name, and yes he is the life of the party.  Check it out.

The idea is focused around a food truck that features seven course meals, catered to a towns' food and economic history.  We plan on taking a Good Humor style truck on tour throughout New England.  The first stop in Laconia, NH.  It'll be awesome, so be sure to come and grab some incredible grub when you see ads for Speakeasy Dining in your town.

Think that's all for right now, but there is more stuff to come in the next couple days. 
Until we meet again...


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