Monday, May 21, 2012

I Reside Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key

Today was really a pretty great day.  The weather was beautiful.  I got ice cream with one of my best friends and sushi with another.  I also got a lot of work done.  I cannot share everything that I am working on at this time, as some of the work is specific to my client, and the contract will not allow for it.  That aside, I still got quite a bit done on the project.  You'll just have to trust me on that one.

That wasn't the only thing that I worked on though.  I also worked quite a bit on the commissioned diptych today and in my final throes of effort managed to pull a piece together for a little show that I am doing with a friend from undergrad in July.  Wow.  One piece done over a month in advance.  Life is good.

Check out the commission.

I cannot keep the colors this graphic, as the work that was commissioned fit a bit more to a neutral blue color scheme, but I thought that I would work some colors by scumbling in this piece.  It should help me to maintain a bit more push and pull than some of my older neutrally schemed work.  Either way, I absolutely love where this piece is headed thus far.

Here is the totem that I put together in the last couple hours.

My friend and I have decided to do some work focusing on different religious beliefs and contemporary imagery.  I am tackling a series of totem poles.  They follow an autobiographical order in attempt to abide by the same rules as totem poles in Native cultures.

Hope you dig the stuff peeps.

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