Saturday, April 14, 2012

Show Invites. Something Different

This entire thesis semester has made me realize that I really enjoy making work.  I enjoy creating projects with so many facets that there is always something to do.  Granted, I like to take breaks like anyone else, but I do not create artwork with the intent of working a forty hour week; eventually making paintings in order to make a living but only as a job.  That sounds awful.  With that in mind, I started to think about the idea of the show post card.  It is generally a hideous object; a reproduction of a piece of work that you have spent hours on, reduced to a card that is mass produced.  It is a piece of cardboard and a series of inks used to translate what an artist has spent hours figuring.  The artist's communication is lost.  It is a necessary evil.  Obviously people need to come to the show and in order for that to happen people need to know when the show is to begin with.

That said, while creating this project for my thesis, I have overcomplicated the entire image making process.  I want it to be complicated.  I want it to be unique, individual, and intense.  So I started to draw individual invitations to my show.  I then went around town dropping them off in various random places.  Free art, for anyone who wants it.  Find it.  Take it.  Come to the show.  It would be wonderful to meet you.

 I really enjoy these action shots.  It was fun dropping them off.  I wonder how difficult they will be to spot, if they are difficult to spot at all.  I am super pleased with this entire process.  It makes me feel as if I am finally finding my voice. 

And as a last thought:


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