Monday, April 2, 2012

Is this Crunch Time?

Today I received the edits to my written thesis.  I was pleased to see that I didn't sound like a complete idiot to the proofreader.  You never know what the case might be when you have been staring at something for 2 months.  I need to finish the proof copy of my Thesis book by Wednesday night.  Before I can truly finish the proof copy of the book, I also need to finish installing a little more of my work so that I can have an image or two of my actual thesis work and not just past work.  It is going to be a busy couple of days.

It has been productive, however, to be forced to work quickly, sort the work, and try to photograph it in such a way that represents the work that I have actually completed on the Thesis project.  It has been a lot of work.  It just isn't installed as I want it to eventually be.  That said, it looks pretty good as is.  The structures are coming along as well, so maybe it won't be too long. 

Here are a couple of the images I plan on using for the Thesis book.

The blocks are not all red, so I may need to get some blue and purple in there tomorrow.  First things first; I need to get my work up in the white cube for critique and photos.  The process is getting exciting.  Perhaps it is more exciting in the use of the word that might imply a heart attack, but exciting nonetheless.

In other news, my buddy, Caleb Charland, an excellent photographer, was featured on the Contemporary and Modern Art blog out of the UK today.  Check it out.  He is extremely talented.

The semester is almost over.  I am almost an MFA graduate.  Wish me luck, and some decent sleep.  I'm going to need it, and I know it isn't going to come frequently.

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