Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Studio Installation is Nearing a Close

It has been a great week working in The Studio.  Melissa McCarthy is an amazing hostess, our awesome DJ Kyle dropped off some great tunage for the opening, and I have been working for three days straight to try to put together an interesting visual mash-up for the citizens of Central NH.  The Citizen of Laconia printed a photograph today of me installing and all around this has been a pretty tremendous experience.

 Here is what the installation looks like right now.  I am really only waiting for the paint to dry on the small table top.  Imagine with me if you will that the receiver is on top of the orange and pink blotch in the center of the the black table top.
 Here is a little close up of some intimate hatching in the middle.  There will be several more of the bears tomorrow for people to remove from the pegs and use if they so please.  It's like a weird masquerade ball with Kyle's music jamming.
Just a little further out so you can see where the speakers lay in this equation.  I spent a ton of time with the pipe connection in that lower right corner.  Weird.  The panel next to it took a quarter of the time but I like it a ton better.

That's it for now.  I may post some images from the opening tomorrow depending on the turn out.  Also there may be some images from Saturday's opening at Artstream Studios in Rochester, NH.  My glass jars are on exhibit there.  Stop by if you have time.  Five to eight-ish at both establishments.


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