Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Paintings and stuff

There is a ton of new stuff going on! First of I was asked by the Blue Bottle to have a dual show in 2009. That's crazy, because I've been trying to get in there for five years now. Awesome. Also there is a painting available in the Art for Sale section of The Hive Gallery's website. It's only $200 if anyone is interested.

So I've been working on this new cool little series. I got 4 small frames at a church rummage sale and have been putting together a small bird family. So far it's really cool.

I guess you could say that it looks like the beginning for a children's book or something but it was really just a new way to start to think of these birds. They really have taken on a character as opposed to in the beginning when there wasn't much to their structure to add character to.

I kind of like the bird with no headphones even better. I don't know what is happening to me. Soon I'll be making pastoral scenes and talking about my new painting of mallards and how maybe I'll make the three cent stamp or some crud.....

This is the piece that I did for my mom for mother's day. I started it four months ago, but finally got around to finishing it now. Go ahead, call me lazy. Tell me I'm one step away from pastoral scenes

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