Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rent Painting

Yesterday over lunch my friend Melissa and I were talking about creating art for the purposes of making money versus creating artwork out of a compulsion to answer a diverse array of visual problems.  Both are adequate goals.  To be sure creating work that is salable is a difficult problem to solve in and of itself, but it is sadly not a question that I find any interest in.

We definitely agreed that paying for the costs of being an artist were vital.  In regards to that we began to talk about creating a hashtag: #rentpainting.  Hashtag rentpainting refers to that painting which is created at the end of each month in efforts to raise rent money for studio.  Here's the first #rentpainting from the Mighty Lark.

It is priced at $200, just enough to pay my studio rent.  If you're interested, simply send payment through paypal to Mike@lewisacrylics.com.  Please spread the word.  Thank you.


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