Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One Short Blast

The other night I felt really frustrated with life, more like I was a witness than a participant. It is a feeling that fatherhood has regularly left me with. The pressures of being a good husband and father leave me straining my psyche to place my wife and my son before everything, my job, my social life, even my work. Where I thought this would grow easier with time I realize that it may never be anything that is easy for me. I am on a schedule constantly. It is difficult to be creative in this manner, but I've found myself pushing in different directions, seeking different blocks of time, trying to retain my creative freedom and my creative space.  

Today I painted between classes I was teaching again. It has grown easier to carry a studio in a bag. It has proven necessary if I am to find the time to paint that I desire. 

This piece came a long way today. I'm extremely pleased with it and very confused as to where the yellow and purple piece fits with the rest of my work all bedazzled in earth tones. It is a good dilemma to face. Here's to some vibrant retention of self in the near future. 

Keep up and I'll keep posting. 

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