Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Work is Ready to Hang

This week has been really crazy.  Along with the prep work to get everything hung for my show at Sohns, I was called by a woman who I've picked up some shifts from at her restaurant for the summer.  She wanted me to start a week earlier than I had planned, so I was left with even less time than I thought I was going to have.  I sent my lovely wife to the hardware stores to gather the various hanging devices.  I ended up with seven packages of this and four packages of that and a blister on my palm from using my stubby screwdriver with screws that needed extra pressure to be seated.  It was an awesome week.

While I primarily focused on brand new work for this show, I was emailed earlier in the week asking if I could bring extra work because the folks who own the gallery do not want any empty space on the walls.  I really don't think that it will be an issue anyway, but I started to group some of the older work which fit with the newer body of work.  I think that this might have made the work a bit stronger on the whole. 

Here are a few images of older works with new hardware to improve their general appearance.  This level of finishing is one of the tasks that I have been forcing myself to complete, part of my internalization of some of my art practice. 

These three pieces look so much better without visible hardware.  It was really a simple fix which I just didn't seem to find any time for until recently.  I wonder how my patience will be after a couple months of an infant.

I'll post some more images soon after I have the show up.  I think that this one will prove to be one of my best shows as of yet.


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