Monday, May 5, 2014

Assembling Work & Finding Myself

My show at Sohns Gallery goes up this Saturday.  The work will be a mixture of totems.  I am including several pieces which include the various power line, stereo and drop motifs as well as a number of character driven totems.  I have been granted a thirty foot wall to work with.  The grid work will be going in the center of the wall with the totems on found wood flanking the grid on either side.  I do not think that I plan on making the wall look symmetrical.  Hopefully that will enhance the overall visual of the exhibition.

Last night I started piecing together the found wood totems with two pegs between each panel.  I have determined that these pieces are in fact totems despite the fact that they do not appear as such.  The process was more about building the story piece by piece and later incorporating a number of different pieces into one story, which is very similar to how I understand a myth falling into place.  To use self-righteous art speak, the work is a series of personal mythologies.  The characters are a symbolic creatures for me. 

Here is a preview of how the work will be laid over top of the grid.

I particularly enjoy how the totems play into this structure.  I had thought that either placing them over this structure or on a single rail that ran the length of the gallery would be my best bet to display these.  I like how this worked out for this series in conjunction with the other work.

Here is a quick image of my panels as they get pieced together.  Sorry if it's a bit blurry.

It is exciting to see this work finally play out.  I feel like this body of work finally is both as clean as I'd like it and stretches construction and illustration enough to please my tastes.  I finally learn something from school if you will.


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