Sunday, February 9, 2014

What Does it Mean to Have a Show?

The show at The Studio in New Hampshire was a great success.  The work looked good, the gallery owner was happy, the people who came to see the show seemed pleased with the work.  By all rights I think that I have made some good work.  Finishing a show leaves me in one of two head spaces.  Either I feel like I worked my tail off, explored every avenue of that body of work that I could, and completely exhausted both the work and myself or I feel open, like I haven't begun to pick away at the top of the iceberg of an idea.  Currently I feel as though I am at the peak of an iceberg.  There is so much more that this idea and style of work could convey.  The show at the Studio was thereby a great start, and I am proud of the work, but as it settles in, I realize that I want to do the same sort of work in a much bigger venue.  Here are a couple images of the installation.

I was very pleased with how Tom's and my work interacted.  I was also quite pleased with the way that matted works and loose paper and index card pieces worked opposing with paintings on wood.  I feel as though the connections that I made were a definite start of something, and something good at that, but I am not sure in what light I should be looking at the work.  I want more.  Give me the cake.  I agree with Cedric.


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