Friday, February 21, 2014

Back After a Quick Flash Across State Lines

I visited a friend in Seattle last week.  Well actually, I visited several friends in Seattle last week, but the trip was to see one friend in particular.  He owns over ten pieces of my artwork and when I found out that he had had a stroke I wanted to hand deliver him some new stuff very badly.  Three weeks later I was handing my friend two new pieces.  It was well worth the trip.  However, after a week off from studio and the prior week which had been entirely devoted to my show at the studio, it was finally time to go back to work today.

I am trying to put together work to submit to the CMCA in Rockland, ME for their biennial which is coming up soon.  I also very much want to have my work for my show in Bangor, ME done well before the actual hanging date as we will be very close to baby time in this household.  With a ton of things on my mind today, I felt like I just had to start a new piece.  Here is what I ended up with today.

I stayed with my friend Paul and his family in Seattle.  His son has several of my paintings in his bedroom, including one with a plug much like the plug in this bottom band of this painting.  That was the starting point for this piece.  More to come soon, but my wife has just set homemade chowder out on the table.


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