Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Longest of Breaks

It would seem that the blog has fallen by the wayside for a bit.  One would expect some major news out of me for the amount of time that I have taken off from keeping people informed about my work.  Something big must have happened.  Something monumental, or was I just being lazy.  I can proudly say that that was not it.  On the 26th of August, I married a beautiful woman and that may be better for my soul than any piece of artwork has ever been.  It has been a tumultuous couple months and my work ethic has been tested to the extremes, but I have started to finally become ensconced in my projects once again, but this time with the added element of being very pleased with life.  It is remarkable how much brighter your pieces can be when you are pleased with life.  Here is my new mailbox identification.  Welcome Courtney to the Lewis Acrylics family!

However, I digress in telling you probably far too much about my social life and far too little about my most recent art endeavors.  A couple Saturdays ago I participated in Picnic, an artist run craft fair held in Lincoln Park in downtown, Portland, Me every summer.  I created a number of new works for the fair, including the library card pieces that I shared previously and a new round of totem poles which I have not posted as of yet.  Here are a few of the new totems. 

I was not as worried about these totems telling a story as I was with the totems that I did last summer.  As a result I was able to to work a little more closely with the shapes and movement of the characters.  All in all I was very pleased with the outcome.  I think that I will do a number more of these as I am finding more and more scrap wood around the studio.

I have also been getting closer to completion of another large scale commission.  The wall that I am to fill in this fellow's condominium is 10' by 8'.  That is quite a project.  I have been resorting to the Assemblage Theory type of construction for this piece, which has allowed me to re-purpose and re-work some pre-existing pieces while also creating entirely new parts to fit the theme and feel of the work.  Here is an image of a bunch of the elements laid out as they were in my studio today.

I hope to be able to get a bunch done on this piece tomorrow.  Actually I have the day off and my wife has to work a double, so I am hoping that I will be able to finish it in its entirety by tomorrow evening.  I will in the meantime attempt to keep you up to date with the piece's progress as I work.



Susan Schwake said...

can I just say WOW to everything here! awesomeness and happiness to you both. :D

can't wait to meet her!

R.N.T.S.M. said...

Thank you Susan.