Friday, August 9, 2013

It is Endearing, but Frustrating.

Today I had both the delight and mild frustration that is working with a 9 year old in your studio.  It is interesting to suddenly open the doors to your private space to a child.  Where older folks understand boundaries and can read by my facial expression when it is okay to talk and when it might be better not to, it seems that a 9 year old has issues with these things.  It made me really think of the times that I would hang over my dad's shoulder while he was trying to do any number of gunsmith projects.  Strangely it was kind of nice.  Despite the interruptions I was still able to get five pieces worked out today and I am quite pleased with them. 

I am hoping to maybe get a little more done tonight when I get home from MY LAST NIGHT WORKING AT THE DELI!!!  I apologize.  I was a little excited to say that.  It will be nice to be done there.  Hopefully I will have more work to share later tonight.

Here are the pieces that I worked up today, either way.

I think I am on a good track for Picnic.  A couple more fruitful days and I will have jockeyed for some very good position.  Keep up.


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