Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Mighty Lark is in Portugal

There are some days in which as a creative you find yourself searching the internet for projects that you have been involved in to see if there is any images out there of your stuff.  Today I found myself particularly curious as to if my Letter to Portugal had arrived in Lisbon or not.  As I searched for images from Studio Teambox, I happened upon the Facebook page for the Letters to Portugal Project.  There was one image of the letters which had arrived and my letter was in the lower left hand corner of the image!

There is also some more image on the project on the Letters to Portugal website, however, the additional pages are empty. 

It is interesting to think about this shift in artistic practice.  I was chatting with a good friend last night and I realized that I do not have a stack of the pieces that I have been working on over the past two weeks.  Usually I have a physical record of the work that I do in the form of stacks of paintings.  Presently my work is on airplanes and mail trucks heading all over the globe.  I wonder what that makes my work.  Is the work the art object or the journey that that object goes on?  I know that I have been fighting off a mighty case of wanderlust for the past year or so.  Perhaps I am trying to live the different corners of the earth through my art since I cannot be in all of these places?

I am not entirely certain of the purpose of the process yet, but I know that it is important.  I am going to continue doing it at least until I figure out why, and probably after I am aware of the why,  You'll know as soon as I do.


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