Friday, April 26, 2013

Mansruin Vol. III, Subscriptions, Run DMC and Kurt Vonnegut

I have been reading several different books lately and thinking about publishing.  I have little desire to follow my undergraduate dreams of being a published comics illustrator or children's book illustrator, but I am very excited by the process of making zines.  I enjoy printing limited edition runs of self published material.  Xerox machines feel like another method of printmaking more than an office supply.

As a result of my wayward thoughts and my excitement with the Mansruin project, I have decided to offer subscriptions.  They are not particularly expensive, but just enough to cover the cost of printing, envelopes and postage.  If you purchase an entire year it is half price too!

Payment Options

Unfortunately I will have to charge folks out of the United States a bit more due to postage.  You can find the subscribe button in the sidebar at the very bottom.

Here are a couple pages out of the most recent Mansruin:

 I have also started reading Kurt Vonnegut again.  He reads like a long lost old friend.  I am currently in the middle of Breakfast of Champions, a novel which stresses the idea that people are really robots.  This is a position that I have kind of stood by creatively for several years now.  It is interesting to read someone else with the same sort of creative logic.  Coupled with Spring, which always makes me feel so much more relaxed and gets me back into hip-hop, I've been very happily putting together sketches for the machine which is my brain.  The machine will be drawn on four walls ending in one small and fairly innocuous act.  Here is a sketch from the middle of the machine.

I'm getting excited again.  My projects are starting to pick up and I am starting to get into them in a way that I was not into them a matter of months ago.  Everything is looking good.  I hope you can say the same about your own projects!


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