Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Radio Head.

I am pretty sure that I am not a robot.  I am tired.  Pretty sure robots don't get tired.  Perhaps they can be programmed to get tired though.  I can't believe that tomorrow is Wednesday.  These days just keep flying by.  I worked on two separate robots today.  I've determined that I will finish six or seven of them before the end of the semester.  That's a lot of work to be pumping out, but what else is this life about anyway?  I like working.

Sculpture is a weird thing for me.  It still doesn't feel exactly comfortable.  I still want to draw and paint things all over everything.  I suppose there really isn't a problem in that thinking, but I would like the two to compliment each other, not be a detriment....

So far so good.

 These two images are of the Affection Receptor.  My adviser has suggested that perhaps I should take out the written text.  It may be very altar-like.  I suppose, however, that any non-functional statue will be considered a monument of some sort.  Are monuments and altars really that different when all is said and done?  I am not very sure myself.

I was very pleased to find a use for this radio.  It seemed obvious all of a sudden when I was looking at it.  I hope you dig it.  This is three robots.  Four to go.


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