Thursday, October 27, 2011

Viva Lebowski & The Lights Out

I was asked to do the promotional poster for the Viva Lebowski event at Bayside Bowl here in Portland, ME this year.  The event is great.  It is essentially Lebowskifest, however that name has been copyrighted by its originators and new Lebowski events are forced to think of new names.  Viva Lebowski is great though.  All proceeds are donated to a different non profit or individual in need every year, and it was with great pleasure that I could provide my illustration skills to help out that end.

Here is my paper doll poster contribution.  Hope you like it.

I also found that a college friends' band is playing in Portland early in November and approached him to see if he would like me to do his flyer.  He, thankfully, was all about it.  I had done one poster for The Lights Out while I was living in Minnesota but this project is cooler because I actually live in the town where the posters will be hung.  As for bands, who could ask for a better band name than The Lights Out to create a poster for?  Nobody, that's who.

It was awesome to be able to work on both of these projects!  I hope you folks like looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them.


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