Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mail Art

While making the paintings that to fulfill the Billboard Project, I started to really geek out on these little drawings and thought to myself that I should just do a bunch more of them.  I've been mailing them to my friends because I've been feeling really lonesome for the past couple weeks.  I'm not sure that it really helps but at least I don't feel like I am making work for no reason whatsoever. 

I think that they will make for a good series when all is said and done.  Of course if I continue to mail them all over the country then I won't have any left to sell or anything like that, but I've been thinking that they would be cooler in a coffee table book or something anyway.  Possibly with a note of where they were sent or something.  I'm not much of a mail artist.  This is really just a way to stay connected with all of the people that I love across this nation.

Hope you dig.

If nothing else this project is really helping me work on the ink and color drawing style.  Crank 60 more of these out and it will be old hat.  Anyway, hope you are all well.  Let me know if you need one.


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