Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture Me this Rapture Me That

Will the world end in roughly thirty five minutes?  If it does I will have gone out listening to Ben Harper and typing up a blog post.  There are worse ways to go.  Good luck to you in maneuvering zealots tomorrow. 

That said, I am very excited to begin relaying my ideas for a site specific installation at the Ghostly Heart Atelier, in Lowville, NY.  This is a very special project and work for me to complete not only because it is a chance to do an installation, but it is also in my hometown, where I thought I could never do anything artistic.  So I get to tackle two birds with one stone.  Awesome.  I also have gotten one of my classmates from MeCA interested and he is making an installation as well.  Now that is really awesome.

First off here are the first couple sketches that I came up with for the space.

The community that this piece will be immersed in is a hunting, backwoods, farming culture.  As I recall there was little for entertainment in the area besides barhopping and hunting.  Farming and farm related industries, like milk and cheese and maple syrup are the primary industries in the area.  Also of importance are dealerships of farm equipment and off-road equipment.

 These three images are of the interior of the space.  I was impressed by the claustrophobic nature of the site.  It mimicked the way that I felt while living within that community, and that seems pertinent now as well.
This door is not only awesome but also speaks to my reluctance to voice my opinions in that area of the country.  I was so closed off from the public when I lived there because I thought that no one would understand my points of view.  I now realize that this may not be as dramatic a difference in ways of thought, but this piece is about fifty fifty about me and about my hometown.

Hope you are getting excited.  I know I am.  Beware of zombies tomorrow.
Til next time, if there is one.

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