Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have been attempting to wrap my head around the work of Deleuzze and Delanda, in attempts to understand better the concept of society as assemblage.  I reasoned that if I understood the social constructs indicative of the assemblage that I would then comprehend the creative process as assemblage.  It is now evident that I use accumulation of pictorial elements as a way to organize my memories and as somewhat of a visual diary.  I draw comparisons between disparate systems of operation, and am perhaps guilty at times, within my reasoning, of oversimplifying things.

At the end of the semester this spring, I completed two installations.

 Re-using the head.

Yup, squirrel on a stump.

Disconnected plumbing in the brain!  That one may just need to be a painting painting.  I love how blurred out the no parking sign gets when a camera flash goes off near it as well.

I'm going to post some of my other totems soon.  I actually have images take already.  The head installation with pipes is essentially a modern assemblage totem.  I have been so into totem poles lately it is not even funny.  Although to be honest some modern totem poles are pretty funny, so maybe that is an incorrect statement.


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