Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So how many of you remember these guys.....

So the last couple days of class I have found myself doodling a lot. I have doodled a whole bunch of cool stuff, and the coolest thing that I've been doodling is monsters. It has been so long since I've drawn monsters on a regular basis, but I dig it. Miss it. All that jazz, you know?

So here we have it, one robot painting for this fall's show and a monster drawing. Just to give you an idea of the time in which this guy came about. I was listening to a very long winded speaker and my monster was much more attentive than me. What can I say? He was repeating everything that he heard. Here tis:

He's happy though. Really. His race shows both teeth when they are happy and no teeth when they are unhappy. Don't let that frowny looking face fool you.

And here is another small framed piece for the show in Seattle. At this rate the walls will be absolutely crowded, just as I had hoped. I want everybody to be able to walk away with something this time.

Hope you like it. Hope you had a good Tuesday. Not going to lie. I certainly did. Til next time kids.


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