Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bootleg Animation Time

Graduate school is intense, and for the most part, they would prefer that I don't paint here. Apparently they take that performance and installation as more valid than painting and sculpture as truth. I have to admit that that frustrates me a little. Though in two years I may be a performance and installation interventionist and look back on this laughing. Who knows? But I like paint.

Anyhow. I have one new painting to share today and a mock up for an animation. I hope you like them.

Another piece for this September's show. I've been really digging doing the simple little guys in direct contrast to the thinking that is required of me in class. If only I could figure out a way to explain making cute things in an educated manner. That would be fabulous.

And here it is, the mock up for a future animation. I swear that it will get a bit more involved, for right now I am still trying to learn a bit more of this after effects thing. So keep your eyes pealed for new developments.

Til next time.


R.N.T.S.M. said...

Wow, 4 seconds. Totally worth it. Haha!!!

Claire said...

Sounds silly and pretentious to claim painting is somehow less valid. I love your painting, hope you keep it up!