Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Behind the Eight

Having trouble breaking out today. I've got one more show of birds and bird houses here, and the paintings are looking awesome. I'm amped on them, but mainly because I am pushing my color back to where it once was, (on the brighter side that is), and trying to be a little less anal with my brush strokes. I don't want Murray Tinkleman finding me and telling me that I've already gotten constipated. FYI Tinkleman was one of my college professors, and he was awesome.

I'm making progress, but nothing is really done yet. This one is close, and is breaking up some of my stuffiness. Let me know the ol' thoughts folks.

I've got three others that I am tag-teaming with this one. So expect more posts later today. We're rolling British Bulldogs or Demolition style. Consider me Ax.


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