Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some New Plans etc.

First off, I am planning on a new series of birds in seemingly regular situations with helmets on. Hopefully I can put together an entire show worth of them. It will be the "Terrified of Flight" show and I would of course have to play all 764 Hero during the opening. I think it is a cool message though.....thoughts?

Second, here are the plans for the first piece that I want to construct in a box. Joseph Cornell style. I might start subbing birds for the robot though. I don't know. I may try to get Camwyn to help me with it, when I move back east.....I'll buy the Guinness?

And here is a painting that I am sending to my parents tomorrow. It won't stick to the fridge or anything, but I was thinking about it and absolutely missing the days of drawing weird stuff and seeing it up on the fridge. In fact when I go home now there are still drawings my brother and I did on the fridge. So cheers mom and dad!

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Camwyn said...


If you buy the Guinness, I'll build the box (or at least offer my advice, depends on the amount of Guinness!)